I am a Ph.D. candidate at McGill University where I am part of the McGill Graphics Lab (MGL). I got my B.Sc. from the same university in Honours Mathematics and Computer Science in 2015 and my M.Eng. in Graphics in 2018. During my undergrad, I helped organizing the Seminars in Undergraduate Mathematics in Montreal (SUMM) for three years to promote pure and applied mathematical research in the city.

I appreciate aesthetics, minimalism, and design of all kinds. Music-wise I enjoy house and techno, and sometimes I even DJ. I’ve also been a soccer referee for more than ten years. Above all, I love problem solving and discovering new algorithms related to rendering, both physically-based and real-time.

If you would like to reach me, shoot me an email.

For the typography enthusiasts, font is San Francisco on macOS, Segoe UI on Windows and Roboto on Linux. Icons are from FontAwesome. Top-left icon is an outline of the Stanford bunny. This website was entirely coded with Jekyll. Styling is my own take on the Minima Jekyll theme. Also note that despite my last name, I am not Italian (but I do like pastas).